Ancient traditions and artisan knowledge, wild and unspoiled nature, stunning panoramas and beaches: Sardinia, an island of thousand faces and along its coastline the landscapes differ considerably. However, there is a common feature in this wide range of colors and shapes: it’s the history of this ancient land and the proud and welcoming people who live here. Sardinia is described as the “less Italian” among all regions. Its geographical isolation has allowed the protection of native animal and vegetation, like the little Giara horse or the white donkey of Asinara, and has safeguarded its language and its traditions which have been kept untouched over the centuries. The emerald coast is one of the cleanest in the Mediterranean: Chia, Cala Domestica, Cala Goloritzè are just a few example of the amazing Sardinia beaches. A special mention must be dedicated to the 7,000 nuraghi spread in the island, prehistoric villages which show how much Sardinia has been strategically important throughout history, due to its controlling and strategic position in the Mediterranean Sea. Sardinia boasts also culture, archaeology, museums, mountains and luxuriant valleys.

Tags: giara, asinara, beaches, nuraghi, emerald coast, sardinia

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