Argentina has been forged from a mixture of cultures of different ethnic groups, mainly European immigrants, which led to what today is the country. European traditions are combined with Native American, which along its vast territory also have different manifestations. It is a country with incredible cultural and artistic activity, which has worldwide recognition in disciplines such as theater, painting, sculpture, music and literature. Buenos Aires, the capital, is the epicenter of all this life and daily you can choose from a wide range of cultural events, but the activity also occurred in the other cities. Tango is the emblem of the country and its capital and has become a real hallmark of the Argentine people. It originated and developed especially in Buenos Aires in the late nineteenth century, and in recent years has been re-floated not only as a tourist attraction, but because its popularity has grown throughout the country. Although his birthplace is disputed, Carlos Gardel, the greatest exponent of tango world, lived much of his life in Buenos Aires. A unique emotion is also to live and breathe football, seeing the local derby’s such as Boca Juniors and River Plate.

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