Sardinia - Discovering Alghero and its surroindings

One of Sardinia's most beautiful medieval cities, Alghero is the main resort in the northwest. The narrow, cobbled streets of Alghero’s medieval citadel, packed with boutiques, bars and restaurants, slope towards the harbour and sweeping bay, with lovely sandy beaches. Spanish-style palazzos and street signs in Italian and Catalan reflect its proud heritage - 300 years of Aragon rule. It’s an idyllic setting. The amazing Caves Neptune, a natural masterpiece with 20m-long stalagmite and stalactite formations decorating a cave lake, really worth a visit as the two archaeological sites such as the Nuraghe Palmavera and the necropolis of Anghelu Ruju. Opposite the entrance to the cemetery, there is the Sella & Mosca, the largest vineyard in Europe where you can not only visit the winery and the small museum that tells the story of this important winery active since the beginning of last century, but also taste the wines also known internationally. At about one hour from Alghero, there is Bosa, a romantic small town on the west coast of Sardinia, stroll in the narrow streets among the pastel coloured houses. Bosa is an important craft center, even today the women are engaged in the production of the filet, also known for the production of Malvasia, a group of wine grape varieties. North from Alghero, you can visit Castelsardo and the Elephant Rock, that resembles the shape of an elephant, inside which is recognized the Domus de Janas, and Porto Torres, where you can visit the archaeological Museum (Antiquarium Turritano) and the Basilica of San Gavino, unique Romanesque basilica in Sardinia characterized by two opposing apses.


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