Golf experience in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires City and its surroundings offer hundreds of options to enjoy a day of golf. Each golf court has its own identity and the options include the most important ones, those which stand out for their quality, identity or services. Some of them are Golf Club San Andrés, the oldest in Argentina since 1892; Jockey Golf Club, one of the institutions with more prestige in South America; Los Lagartos Country Club, founded in 1969 aiming at getting the families together through the sport; and Olivos Gold Club, host of International tournaments such as The Master Title the first in South America. The experience is designed and organized by professionals of golf so as to allow the golf players to enjoy the activity with the best professional advice available. Since most of the local golf clubs are private or are part of a private country club, run and managed by its own members, it is almost impossible to access them directly. This tour offers the International golf player the chance of enjoying a tailor-made play experience, without having to worry over its organization.

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