Rowing experience through the Delta of Paranà River

Tigre Island is one of the best places to row in Buenos Aires. This natural labyrinth of rivers and islands lies only 30 km north of the City of Buenos Aires and was once a favourite resort where wealthy families from Buenos Aires would spend their summer holidays since the late 19th century. When in 1870 a group of young people fond of rowing organized a raid joining a pier near the port of Buenos Aires and the Delta, a tradition was born which turned Tigre into the Capital City of Rowing in Argentina. The group is transferred to the Isle of Tigre, where they board a catamaran at the port in order to make their way into the nearest part of the Delta of Paraná River. On reaching destination, they get off the catamaran to be met by their rowing instructors, who give out life jackets and lead them on board the rowing boats. Once there, they learn the basic movements related to the rowing technique while they travel down the river and admire the different species of trees that enhance the landscape. When their instruction is complete, the teams begin a competition down the river. Divided in as many teams as boats take part in the competition, the guests are invited to put into practice the recently learned rowing techniques, in order to achieve the first places in the competition. Once the latter is finished, the guests leave the boats and prizes will be awarded on the island.
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